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Up to Us Competition

Role: Team Lead and Social Strategist 

Worked On: Originally planned in-person events but then shifted everything to a digital space due to COVID-19, led a team of two, managed social media, created in-feed posts and stories, curated online games, developed a lesson plan to present findings to high schoolers, and conducted extensive research.

The Challenge: Create a meaningful digital campaign that raises awareness of the national debt.

Summary: With the evolving situation of COVID-19, the team and I were not able to host a series of events as originally planned on campus. Instead, we launched a digital campaign to raise awareness of the national debt and the implications of COVID-19 through a series of infographics, charts, and questions. We reached over 400 students, at a college and high school level, through raffles, online games, polls, collecting 200 pledges, and virtual presentation.

The Florida International University team was awarded the Up to Us Spring Award of Distinction for Most Media Engagement. To learn more about this campaign, visit

Educational Examples:

Call to Action Examples:

Story Posts:

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